need help, fast.

Future client gave me some model listings for his HVAC systems. Can you guys help and tell me what kind of systems they are and what is the capacity? All he said is that they were Trane units. Thanks in advance.




Gee Mr. Harrington, I’ll be glad to help you.

This is a heatpump. Its a Trane and the capacity is 1.5 Ton

This is also a heatpump. Its a Trane and the capacity is 2 Ton.

As a NACHI member, we always like to help out other members. We’re hear to help. Just ask anytime.

Thank you Mr. Harrington. Wow you were very helpful.

Not a problem. Anytime.

Isn’t Google a wondefull thing?

Took all of 2 miniutes to find it. Mr. Harrington.



Yes it is Mr. Larson. Sometimes its not fast enough. Been thinking about ordering the Preston’s Guide, though. Thanks for contributing to the thread however.