Transfering video using wifi sewer camera

I’m looking for how others move sewer camera video from a wifi sewer camera to their laptop for inclusion in an inspection report. I can capture video on my iPhone through the sewer camera’s wifi while performing the sewer camera inspection. I uploaded it from my iPhone to Dropbox, changed it to MP4 format, add it to the desktop folder for that client, then put it up on YouTube, and add it to the report. I jumped through a few hoops to pull it off on my first attempt, but thought there’s surely an easier way. The manual left a lot to be desired when it came to this area and when I contacted the seller they weren’t very helpful.

I’m using a sewer camera I purchased from Amazon similar to one I bought about a year ago and it uses a removable SD card to record the video. I would remove the card after each inspection, insert it into my laptop, and move the video into a desktop folder for that client. I then put still images from that video into the report along with a link for the video that’s on our YouTube channel… a much simpler process.

Thank you everyone for your input!

Here’s the sewer camera I use.

Nothing wrong with your system. Or you could could upload it to dropbox, onedrive etc and provide a link which will expire (to save on your service)

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Are you happy with that camera? Good quality?

My Plumber uses Ridgid scope & camera system that has a USB port, he records everything onto a memory stick and just hands it over to me when he’s done for the report.


I’ve been happy with my original one and the quality of both seems pretty good considering it’s less than $400.

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Right now I’d prefer that set up… it’s similar to how my other sewer camera works. The difference is after the job I pop out the SD card and plug it into my laptop… more simple arangement


Yes I went the Dropbox route, but was looking for an easier route. I’m trying to make it easier for someone else to do this job

Wouldn’t a large video take up a a large amount of space?

A link makes more sense, or a CD, DVD, memory card, whatever.

If the scope video is small, just work out the transfer however you find it best for your combination of devices, as each scenario is different ( iOS, Android, PC, Mac, SD memory card, WiFi, etc. etc.)

I would think the memory card method is the best, but your setup might not handle that combo.

If a client calls a plumber for sewer scope, what does that plumber/vendor give their client? Some won’t give them anything, they show the video live and explain the findings, then they’re off to the next service call.

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Well, to answer your original question as what we do:

We issue a report with photos and written narration of concerns accompanied by a one drive link to the video.

Our camera has a microphone so the video also has audible in which I orally make a notation when I see an issue or point of interest. I think it’s a good product and easy for the client.

you are making this way more complicated, just record video and photos to the SD card then use the computer to upload to youtube directly and put your photos in your report. why the whole dropbox thing?
I use a Scout 3-pro sewer scope. way more professional machine, takes great photos and videos. and if you get a locator you can locate defect if and when its found.


That’s what I do with my old sewer camera. I record video during the sewer line inspection, pull the sewer camera SD card out, and stick in my laptop. The new sewer camera however doesn’t have an SD card or a place to insert one. It has wifi and allows me to connect multiple devices. The manual doesn’t cover how to move video from the iPhone/tablet to the laptop so I kinda made up a way. I figured there had to be an easier way to do it though.

I’d rather have a Scout 3-Pro, however I just don’t have $2500 to spend on a sewer camera at this time


We currently do much the same as you. We put still images in the report along with a link to the video of the sewer camera inspection which is on our YouTube channel.

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I missed this key statement earlier in the thread. That changes things…what a pain.

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  1. Yes, the video isn’t in the report.
  2. The video is on our YouTube channel. A link to the video is in the report
  3. I worked out a transfer, but: A. it seems overly complicated, B: I want to simplify it as much as I can for the new guy I have to train on this, C. I figured there had to be a better way and someone here is quite possibly doing that
  4. The video is on our YouTube channel and a link to that client’s video is in the report. I agree that the memory card method we’ve been using seems very convenient, however the new unit does not have an SD card slot.
  5. A plumber may just show the client the video and go on down the road. For me it’s part of the inspection so I’m going to document it in the report.

Isn’t your laptop wifi? Can’t you just use it? Does your laptop have Bluetooth? You can Bluetooth the file from your phone to your laptop. Or just upload to YouTube from your phone directly. I do have a backup sewer camera I got off Amazon 2 years ago that takes a sd card. I paid $650.00 for it. I’ll sell for $500.00


Thanks for the input. I hadn’t thought of sending the video from my iPhone directly to YouTube or Bluetooth the video from my iPhone to my laptop. Thanks, I’ll try that out.

I thought about sending the video straight from the sewer camera to my laptop, but I’d be touching the laptop right after I was working with the sewer camera. I’d be concerned that, despite how thoroughly I might think I wash afterwards, some unseen filth would then be on the keyboard.