There aren’t any main breakers or fuses on this 3 phase system. Do these transformers serve as disconnects? What is there purpose?





Is that a CT Cabinet and a meter enclosure to the left of this setup. if that is the case these are current transformers and are used for metering.

The main breaker should be just on the other side of that wall…hopefully.

By the way, I’m somewhat shocked that the CT cabinet didn’t have a utility company seal on it. It should.

probably did back in 1945…lol…

This is what is to the left of it.
So the meter would be “inside” this cabinet and those are transformers in the other box used for metering?
No main breaker on the other side, but three 200 amp fuse boxes (unlabeled) feeding subpanels throughout the building. It’s believed the building was built in 1959.

IMG_3120 (Small).JPG

That would be my guess considering we cant see in the enclosure on the left. As long as you have fuse boxes on the inside ( same thing technically ) and if feeds other panels…I would not worry.

however I would get them to label it all properly…