Fused meter disconnect

There is always something new on each inspection.:smiley: Today for the first time for my twelve years as a home inspector I saw an electrical meter located in the basement and protected by fused disconnect. Personally I don’t see anything wrong with this arrangement but since this is the first time for me I decided to get other opinions on this issue. So what do you think?:slight_smile:

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Well I think you have a problem because your service equipment and remote distribution panel are wired incorrectly. Right?

I’ll defer my opinion to one of our experts as I have never seen a disconnect before the meter. Otherwise, my gut tells me this would normally be considered all parts of the service equipment.

The 100 amp breaker is back-fed and is required to be fastened in place.

Thanks Jeff, I’m glad that I’m not the only one who runs into something for the first time.:smiley: I couldn’t find anything in electrical code either regarding this connection. Other than “double protection” I don’t see what this arrangement will do. I think that electrician got lazy and instead of replacing everything “as needed” performed just “quick upgrade”.:slight_smile:

Not allowed to easy to get free hydro with a pair of jumpers.

This setup would make it easy for growups…

Well, possibly, although meeting the owners that live there for more than 25 years I doubt it. Anyone can convert anything into growups if desired.:smiley:

At least in my experience the unfused and unmetered conductors should be behind a tamperproof seal. The meter after the disconnect is unorthodox also.

Actually…I looked at this on my IPAD versus my phone. It’s actually a strange setup. The GEC should be in that Disconnect or some point ahead of it. Also the MBJ should be in that disconnect as well…but I just can’t see it well enough.

I think everyone is right in that the POCO would frown on this rig…makes you wanna think it’s a self done tenant setup.

Also I wonder it’s SE Rated and I question that since I do not see a lug setup among other things that qualify it as SE Rated. Just need better look to be totally sure.

What’s on the outside of the building? This doesn’t even look like a utility meter enclosure.

On the outside is just a conduit for underground supply cable that enters the house.

I would think that the main service panel originally was a fuse panel that was upgraded. There were lots of pigtails from the old tinted cloth covered wires to the breakers. Although the house was built in 1982 and like I said I never seen electrical meter located inside. One other thing. There was a business card of Master Electrician attached to the panel. Whether this was a fellow who performed the work or simply someone “in case to call” I don’t know.

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Looking at the pictures I see aluminum but no tined cloth covered wires .
I do not think Tined cloth covered wires have been used since about 1950~ .
Looks like I see many double taps also.