Trap Configuration??

Need some assistance with this configuration. Owner decided to move the disposal from the left sink to the right sink. So the plumber added a sanitary T on the left p-trap. I looks very much like an S-Trap configuration.

Comments or suggestions?



If I had to guess based on that photo, it does look like an s-trap(actually 2).


Here is a S-Trap.

That’s a good picture, Dale. What’s you opinion on this “A-typical” configuration?


Kevin if it drained fine I doubt by looking at the picture I would say much of anything, “except it appears to be done by an amateur and if drainage problems occur in the future have a licensed plumber install everything pretty like”…:smiley:

The traps must be at the same elevation, which they are not.

The upper drain-line will siphon the contents of the lower trap. The whole thing is a wreck. . .


How are they going to siphon the contents from each other when their connected to two different openings?

Thanks Dale and Jeff!!



I’m sure Jeff will answer, but here was my original take. The water flowing down the waste pipe for the “right” sink could cause the siphon water out of the “left” trap that is lower than the “right” trap and is connected below with a sanitary T.

That is my take, anyways. I wrote it up as being “a-typical” and called for further evaluation by a licensed plumber.



Kevin…besides the ugly plumbing, you have about the best looking website I think I have ever seen…!

Thank You :mrgreen:

Off the ugly plumbing topic …:smiley:

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Sorry, I’ve been stuck looking at Kevin’s site for the last few hours . . :smiley:

That’s correct. In any event, they must be at the same elevation before they enter into the “vertical-leg” which also requires an increased pipe diameter to be proper.

Like I said, this thing is a wreck. Nothing about it is proper.

#1 there is no vent. without a vent you will have trap siphonage.

#2 there is no vent. It doesn’t matter what elevation a trap arm connects to the drain, if no vent.

Does anyone know the local codes for this situation?