S Traps Okay?

Other than just being unnecessary, is it okay to have a trap on each side of the sink, going into one pipe? At first I thought double trap, but it’s not really a double trap unless the same discharge type is trapped twice (I think).

There is also a laundry sink doing the same thing.

S-Traps are no longer allowed as they can syphon out the p-trap. Do these two drains meet under the base of the cabinet or in the basement?

yeah, I provide my clients with a graphic that show them how to correct an S-trap, and explain to them why.

They meet in the basement, and do not go into a wye, but two separate 90’s in the horizontal drain pipe down there.

I first thought that the two traps was an issue, but now re-thinking it, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having the two traps (other than they’re S traps).

I see at least 7 issues with this picture.

So why don’t you point it out to them and educate all?

I don’t feel like right now. I have family over for dinner and decorating.:smiley:

Give it a shot yourself.:roll:

I am not the one seeing the 7 things wrong in the OP’s picture.
And don’t fall for you game.

How many do you see?

Call them out sir.

I am rather enjoying all the sweating going on. Sue me. :wink:

Wow, I just found one.

Improper plumbing practices, materials, and corrosion. :|.)

You should see the basement and electrical panel.

Gonna be a long report night :twisted:

Why would I want to sue you, I am just asking that you follow through with your statement that you see 7 things wrong with the OP’s picture.
As I recall, you are a man of facts, so educate us all, please, and list all that you find wrong.

I’m guessing you can’t find 7 things.


I may choose to never answer just because you asked

This is hilarious.:stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I am guessing that is the problem you have, thus, you have not bothered to point them out yet.

You are the one that made the statement,

Oh! and what happened to the fact you pointed out here?

Family must be waiting on you.

Oh well, we will wait tomorrow for Mike’s answer to the 7 answers. :mrgreen:


Not until you try.

Think I am stupid, you made the statement, now answer it.
Or did you Lie again about the facts like you usually do. :slight_smile:

S trap is present and May allow sewer gases to back up pipe. S traps are no longer used in construction. Replace s trap with p trap if sewer gases are present

Thanks Robert, got that covered in post #3.

Now Larson has me thinking.-I’m trying to come up with seven without counting each hose clamp, each connector, and each tail piece, the caulk on the steel nuts, and the corrosion on the copper pipes, and that pic doesn’t even reveal the entire assembly!


Kinked cold (or should be cold on right) supply line, corrosion on both supply lines consistent with a leak, corrosion on right drain- possible leak, two s traps, apparent sub standard repair on right side drain, Hose clamps and black pipe with fittings on drain

I like it, and that’s seven! I was trying to figure how to say it in one sentence, that’ll do nicely :smiley:

I think ML just pulled a KW.