Trap location

Does a trap need to be directly below the fixture or can it connect with an arm as in the photo? :-k


The trap can be located as pictured Bill…

Excellent Dale - I just wanted to double check. Thanks for the reply.

Go Cards! :smiley:

That dishwasher hose need to be raised and connected under the countertop.

If I’m unsure, I fall back on describing it.
It is unconventional plumbing, appears to be adequate, not leaking/smelling, handy washcloth rack, vulnerable to damage from shoving stuff around, possibly amateur handiwork, repair/replace if leaking occurs. :stuck_out_tongue:

John Kogel

Yeah this came up recently.
Whats the purpose of a trap other than to keep sewer gas from entering off the vent pipe-waste stack.

Distance should not matter as long as it is between the drain opening and vent,though vent distance is another subject.

In this area that is the standard method of connecting dishwashers. It might not be right, but I got tired of calling it out only to be told later I was wrong.

At least the dishwasher is not connected like the one I saw last week !! (It’s that copper line near the floor)

ECI 048.jpg

Not only getting cross -contamination,but is stressing the pump.

Give them the manufacturers instalation instructions next time someone tells you that you are wrong about this. :mrgreen:

They can argue with the people who designed and built it.

BTW, who was it that was saing you were wrong?

Local Plumbers, Code Officials, etc - It’s just how it’s done here. Not worth the discussion ](*,) :slight_smile: