Indirect waste and trap for a dishwasher

Anyone seen something like this before for a dishwasher discharge?


Any s trap is wrong in my opinion. It may run dry and allow sewer gases to enter your dishwasher.

Yes, I have come across that before and I write it up for the height if the pipe stand and the inability to monitor it during normal use.

In your case, the trap seal depth would also be greater than 4 inches. I don’t know of an approved way of draining a dishwasher to a pipe stand, but there may be one someone could share. I don’t see why it couldn’t work.

Thanks Cameron and I feel that in a 10 year old property, it seems to have operated fine, but, is it right and is there a possibility of the S trap configuration to allow at any given time, syphon itself out and allow sewer gases in the room.?

Never seen one just like it. :slight_smile:

That stand pipe needs to be up run up higher next to diswasher, above “flood rim” from what I understand. There’s also a tee lying down in your pic…