TREC 7A-1 Mistakes

I was at the TAREI conference this weekend and had a great time (despite dead legs from standing 12 hours straight). 2 past presidents TAREI came up and talked to me for quite awhile. One of them pointed out several errors in the 7A-1 that bugged him. He said he’d pointed them out multiple times before the report was finalized as well but was basically ignored. Of course we’re not allowed to fix them in our software or we’re deviating from the form :shock:

A few that I can remember off the top of my head.

  1. The intro mentions how the inspectors will mark items D for Deficient, but the top of every page has to say D is for **Deficiency **(I realize not that big of a deal).

  2. The “TREC Standards of Practice (Sections 535.227-535.231 of the Rules)” should state “The TREC Standards of Practice (Sections 535.227-535.233 of the Rules)”

  3. The form states “For more information, refer to Texas Real Estate Consumer Notice Concerning Recognized Hazards, form OP-I”. The actual document title is “Texas Real Estate Consumer Notice Concerning Hazards Or Deficiencies

  4. The one I already pointed out (and you guys helped get permission for us to fix) with some of the titles being in all lowercase letters.

Anyone notice anything else? Keeping them all here would be helpful for sending TREC and update in the future!

Dominic, remember that I try to make as many of the Inspector Committee meetings as possible and the TREC meetings that have inspector related items. Let me know if I can be an additional voice to relay yours and other s/w developer’s concerns. I realize this is not just an developer’s issue and all users of the form should be voicing their concerns.

I do remember, that’s why I posted it :slight_smile: I’m hoping you guys could help it flow through the proper channels as I haven’t had much luck in the past when I’ve tried. It looks poor to release software with mistakes, even when you’re being forced to. And I’m sure the inspectors don’t like producing reports with them either.