REI 7-5 New Template FINALLY at TREC website

TREC has finally got around to posting the new REI 7-5 template.

I’ve posted links below. One goes to the page where the inspection forms are located and the other is for the REI 7-5 directly.

Texas TREC Inspection Forms:

Direct URL for PDF of REI 7-5:

Remember that the form can be used “voluntarily” right now, but is MANDATORY as of 09/01/2015.

Thanks Nolan. That’s funny, I went looking for it last night an it wasn’t there then. I did come across a redlined version on the TREC site, which makes it easier to id the specific changes, but I don’t know if it reflects the final promulgated version.

If you will pardon my laziness, are the changes from 7-4 to 7-5 all in the first section of the report? The format looks the same at a glance.


I think they added ONE line!

Thanks Nolan.

Changes are not ‘extensive’, but you had best be using the 7-5 template as of 09/01/2015. If not you will be subject to fines from TREC.

Note the recent list of fines at the TREC website … many to inspectors not using the current template.

They (TREC) are serious and will fine inspectors for not using the current template.

The new 7-5 is currently “voluntary”, but becomes “mandatory” on 09/01/2015.

Verbiage changes in the template pre-amble, but you also have to make sure your footers are reflecting the changes as it relates to dates and names.

I have another thread regarding this 7-5 changes and a template with the changed verbiage highlighted.

Look for that thread if you don’t want to take the time to review the posted REI 7-5.

I ran a difference check between the versions.

Apart from the form numbers and dates, heres what I got:

On Page 2 of 7-4

  • “· improperly installed or defective safety devices; and
    · lack of electrical bonding and grounding.”
    now reads
  • “· improperly installed or defective safety devices;
    · lack of electrical bonding and grounding; and
    · lack of bonding on gas piping, including corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST).”

On Page 4 of 7-4

    now reads

The above post is for entertainment purposes only. You should not rely on my research for your report form compliance requirements.:mrgreen:

… and don’t forget the footers that reflect the new template name and ‘date’ of the template’s adoption.

Tnx, Chuck, I didn’t see the “Plumbing System” change … nor did TREC “highlight” that one in the ‘early’ release they sent to me.

It’s an ace in the hole for a $500 fine! :twisted:

TREC is serious about the fines. I’ve attached a PDF with a screen clip from the penalties I found for April-2015.