TREC Renewal for LLC

Has anyone had to renew their LLC license number lately with TREC? Care sharing what you had to do? Last go 'round, they didn’t have any way to renew online and I had to mail it in.

I still don’t see any way to renew for this online.:roll:


You have to provide your DBA. It’s on page 2 of the renewal form. I do not know if it is on the web site. If not then email licensing and ask how to send it. TREC routinely looks for the DBA on all complaints. I think the fine can be $1000.

Here is the link to the TREC form.

The TREC site shows your DBA as Tyler Home Inspection. Go to search for agent / inspector upper middle home page; click inspector radio button; type in your license number.

Go to TREC renewal site on their website, sign up for fingerprinting, pay fee, sign up for background check, pay fee, file out renewal, pay fee, scan and send in ceu certificates if they are not under your name on the site, the good news is, no fee

I renewed last month and did everything online. I had to scan and email my education certificates as a pdf file as I do not have a fax. Just checked my info at TREC and my dba is listed. I don’t remember if it was on the online application or not.

Bruce, I think you are asking about a “business entity” license like Broker’s are required to have for their corporation, LLC, or other business entity. That requirement for inspectors was eliminated several years ago. While I could not locate anywhere on the TREC website that was the case, I did get confirmation from TREC that an inspector business entity license is no longer required. See the e-mail exchange below.

Mike B. is correct regarding the ‘business entity’ license. TREC removed that “licensing” requirement.

However, as JC noted make doggone sure that TREC knows about your “company name” (whatever it is) and that it is listed in the DBA section. Yes, you can be fined for not having that data submitted to TREC so it is in the database and online.

I changed my DBA last year and thought that TREC would have had an online access where I could adjust the information, but that was not the case.

I ended up sending an e-mail to Mr. Oldmixon asking him to send my request along to “whomever” at TREC that handles such changes. Reason I messaged Oldmixon is because I don’t know anyone down at TREC anymore and have no clue as to who or which group is responsible for anything at TREC.

Hey Mike! Good to hear from you. How the heck are you doing? Nolan, yep, I’ve got my company name AND a DBA - and they know about all of them. Thanks. Hope you’re doing well too.

Yes, I’m talking about my LLC license number, #9228 . I know they did away with it, but I always liked that number! :slight_smile: So, I’ve kept it all these years…even for the 4 years they didn’t charge anything!

This happened last time. There is no provision for inspector business entities (i.e. red-headed step-child) and 2 years ago I mailed in a paper application. I see though nothing has changed.

For those interested, here is TREC’s reply.

Please use the attached form to renew the license (INRF-1)

The fee is $20.00 and it must be submitted with current insurance.

Please let me know if I can assist you further.

Christina Johnson
Customer Service Representative
Reception & Communication Services
Texas Real Estate Commission
Texas Appraiser Licensing & Certification Board
512.936.3000 or 512.936.3001

Has anyone asked if you can have more than one DBA? What if I worked for 3 other companies and had two of my own?

I have not but I am listed as Thompson Property Inspection LLC as well as having a dba for Tyler Home Inspector.


TREC would not likely be able to process such a “multi-level” question? Or they might devise a ‘fine’ some weird violation of some sort.

I have just renewed with them, and it has been a true odyssey. I started a month early, and only last week I received any contact by a human. This amounted to not having a correct title on my SOP certificate, pretending my E&O certificate had not been received, and so on. It was simply stressful to me. My take away is this. Submit your CEUs as you earn them. Submit whatever is needed at least one month in advance. Finally, don’t forget to breathe!