Trick Question...What's wrong with this catch basin?

Garage catch basin with inverted ‘t’ present… Can you spot the defect?

Not with that crap photo!

You Win! Crap photo of crap and toilet paper floating in the catch basin. Whoever installed the bathrooms in the basement decided that it was too much of a hassle to connect to the waste pipe a full 6ft further.

It’s a floor sink in the garage not a catch basin. Those are in landscaping.

The drain should not connect to the DWV system without passing through an interceptor. This it why it’s not tied into toilets in a basement. More of a description of the plumbing system would be helpful and the photo blows.

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Morning Martin. Hope this posts finds you well.

I have read, heard and used the recognised term for a building plumbing drainage pit/basin as a Water Catch Basin or Catch Basin Pit used to describe the covered plumbing gray water Basin inside or outside a home.

Mr.Rooter. Generally, a catch basin is a drainage system designed to carry water away from your home and perhaps direct it across the property before it runs to a public storm-water system, dry well, local water body or into the ground. A catch basin can take many forms, but it’s common to see some kind of grate over an angled inlet, often with an in-ground concrete or plastic basin that catches the water.

Typically, a garage drainage system has a pit/basin to collect all the mud/sand/dirt and once the water (that stays on the top) reaches the pipe it drains.

A Sink may/can be referred to by other names that include: sinker, washbowl, hand basin, and wash basin, referring to a bowl-shaped plumbing fixture used for washing hands, dishwashing, and other purposes.

Hope that helps.

Observation: Cast Iron Hub And Spigot Gray water pipe corrosion.
Oxidized cast iron.
Missing visual Backwater Prevention Valve, Air Bell or Water Trap or Pipe Termination Grate.
Floating debris in the basin.

As for floating, or any debris in the Basin. That is why Backwater Prevention Valves, Air Bell or Water Traps or Pipe Termination Grates are installed. To prevent debris from being washed downstream clogging blocking the pipe which in turn will backup gray water and flood a garage or basement.

Next time use the cameras flash and take several photos from alternating angles and distances.

Thanks for sharing.

Again not plumbing but OK. Plumbers in the US don’t work on storm piping in residential homes. Any storm piping I’ve seen has been installed by laborers.

Roof drains are a different matter.

If you were to go to a plumbing supply house to order that part it would be a side inlet floor sink, floor drain for an interceptor. I believe this drain runs to the outside and nit the sanitary sewer. OP had a poor description.

This is not strom plumbing, Martin. It is not outside drainage in the yard directed to curb or street storm sewers.
It is part of a residential drainage. The plumbing drainage pipe directly disperses gray water to a sewer in most large municipalities or gray water lines in rural areas.
I have built and repaired catch basins and drainage plumbing pipes many times.

As for the inverted tee by the OP?
If the bottom of the tee pipe is open, it is an air bell/trap.
Typically a/the Hub is used as the Bell when using Hub and Spigot cast iron pipes.
The end of the pipe, a spigot is inserted and sealed on the horizontal HUB.

How the air trap works.
As water rises in the water catch basin heavy debris falls to the bottom of the basin while buoyant debris stays afloat as to not be washed down or dispersed into the air bell/trap. The air trap should be continually covered in water.

Your words Robert.

I’m just curious Robert are you a licensed plumber and was your work inspected?

I went to Home Depot this week to pick up some copper and the plumbing aisle was full of weekend warriors. I doubt anything they were doing was getting inspected.

The OP never said it was part of the residential drainage (DWV). There is a very clear definition of what is gray water and what is not gray water. Water originating from the floor of a garage is not gray water!!

Registered renovation repair business. Not a licensed contractor. Repairs…
“Your work inspected.” Yes actually. 3 Phase inspected by a AHJ.

I modernized a 250 old carriage house, century building, into a habitable space.
Even allowed me to install the plumbing although I was not licensed with the pretense that if it was wrong it all came out and I would have hire a licensed plumber.

Even thing pass the AHJ 3 phase report, including drawings I submitted prior the OK for the work to proceed. Then, I was 27 at the time. Had installed at least 3 main vents and catch water basins prior that project.

Garage catch basin with inverted ‘t’ present… Can you spot the defect?

So if a drain line has a T on it it’s automatically plumbing OK got it things are different here in the US

I am always amused that the verbal gymnastics, contortions and assumptions made during discussions.

Plumbing is any system.
Plumbing conveys fluids for a wide range of applications.
Plumbing uses pipes, fittings, fixtures, valves, tanks, and other apparatus to convey fluids.
I answered your question truthfully.
Let’s leave it there.

Best regards.
Robert Young

Not at all. A system that you described could be called processed piping such as a chilled water system. A chilled water system or process piping is not regulated by the health department. Plumbing is very very specific to only describing potable water systems, gas systems, and drainage systems. I have installed both systems. Pipefitters that are licensed as a pipefitter cannot put in plumbing because guess what pipes that convey liquid and have fittings and tanks and all the other things you described is not plumbing. Plumbers are allowed to install plumbing and processed piping.

Are used to belong to a combination pipefitter plumbers local. If you told those pipefitters they were putting in plumbing you get a wrench in the side of your head Just my real world experience Robert how about you?

I think my prior post, first sentence, covered everything.
Have a great day.

Thanks guys. If you notice the first few words in the title of the post, the are, ‘Trick Question…’
I intentionally posted a picture that was considered ‘crap’ to see how long it would take someone to make the reference.
jjonas was the first person to respond and make the reference.
The main problem is the fact that waste water (crap) is running into this pit (or catch basin depending on your use of terminology).
Referred to a licensed plumber for an estimate to correct.
Thanks for your expertise and entertainment.
Robert, a flash only created a reflection as the particle count in the water was so high, topped off with an oily film on the surface. A powerful flashlight was able to help me to identify the pipes leading in.
The real ‘crappy’ part to this story is that the client called me in because he suspected that a few things were wrong with his home. As a recent immigrant with poor local language skills, it appears that he was taken advantage of. A ‘Home Inspector’ was referred to him a couple of years ago when he purchased the property. The 'inspector walked around took his cash and told him his house was good to purchase, no problems, no report, no receipt.
The transaction took place through a realtor who aparantly did not ensure that the seller provide a Quebec govt mandated seller’s declaration.
Can of worms!

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