Truss horizontal bow

Hi everyone ,

I came across this one today and am curious if anyone as seen this before or can help best identify the cause.
The building was built in the 1970s. Trusses have been used via the attached photos.

It was difficult to full encapsulate the bowing effect. Nearly 50% of the truss on the rear South side of the home have bow like the ones in the images.
With this being said, there is no evidence of active water penetration or staining. There is NO apparent structure damage and or cracking within the building either and the building is on a cement slab foundation.

Any input is well received, thanks and Happy FRIDAY !
truss truss 2

I would call them out as bowed/defective trusses and loose gusset plates and recommend further evaluation by a Structural Engineer.

Inspecting Wood Trusses | American Society of Home Inspectors, ASHI


Thanks Kevin ,

I was leaning to the bowing defect but prior to listing the structural engineer comment (as didn’t want to over state this if unnecessary)

When the home was built, the builder did not Straighten the trusses before it was sheathed,


I agree as well, would this strictly have happened only on the south of the Truss and at 50% affected ?

My other presumptiveness was thinking it may have been a wet to dry bowing , if the truss had been installed damp then dried to give the give bowing, either way, I think the further investigation by a structural engineer may be the best bet

You mean they are supposed to straighten them? :smile:


There is no way that the top cord could bow after it has been sheathed.


valid point for sure.

but since the load is not being dispersed as per the the design, I would assume the @kleonard comment would still be the best way to report it.
with a side note of the your comment


of course, the builder is supposed to straighten the trusses.


Roof looks clean, any sagging?


hey Junior , figured it wouldnt take you long to chime in :slight_smile:

currently , no signs of rafter sag… shingles are on there way out, but the sheathing underside and from atop didnt show signs of sags or drops

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As Scott said, it was nailed that way from the start. Don’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon. :smile:


How’s things in NB?

100 agree. so in terms of reporting it is where my brain is stuck hahahaha

looks like a sloppy install that isn’t going anywhere…would You think they should remove the sheathing and straighten them at this stage of the game?


things are just humming along here and ramping up yet again … we had a "slow period of about month or so after Christmas… going to be another full tilt year I believe… hows things on the Island ?

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hi James , thanks for weighing in … No I dont believe that is necessary or just to call it that way.

Merely , looking on the best way to word what has been noted so that all parties are informed, whilst covering my ass as well.

It’s funny how the maritimes have changed. :slight_smile: So many people buying and moving east.

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most certainly, I would currently 50% of business is out of province relocations and or investors picking up small rentals

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If it makes You feel better mentioning it You could say there was evidence of sloppy installation to some of the roof trusses 50 years ago…