Framing Issues

I’m having a new home built about 700 miles away so it’s hard for me to be there. Here are some pics of the framing. I’m concerned to say the least, especially about the roof framing, but my builder swears it’s fine. I’d love to hear what you guys think:

Not fine. Your are correct and should be concerned.

Mr. Manicone needs someone at the house to protect his interest…a while ago. :shock:

Holy crap! I bet he swears its fine! The issues you pointed out, are issues and have no idea how some of them can be “repaired”. Isn’t there plans for the house? Or is he just winging it? Has he been to the house?

I would make them STOP ASAP before they start HIDING the mistakes behind insulation and sheet rock and then I would call the city building official there and meet them with a licensed PE…

You better get control of this NOW…

Holy smokes thats a mess. You need to can that framer. I would fire him immediately. Those are some pretty complicated cuts for the dormers. They were too lazy to even cut most of them.

He should have is licensed revoked! His practices shown in those photos are ridiculous!

Nice Tyvex job too. Please make him stop and hire a real professional. This is beyond crap. I just went and looked again…I really don’t know if it can be repaired without tearing it down.

Their out there, Most be a MASTER carpenter.

I had to look at the photos a second time, because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The framing is garbage, and should not pass inspection from the AHJ.

Thank you all for your input. I’ve spoken to the chief building inspector who has already visited the site for me and agrees there are several issues, but he also said that the builder’s engineer may be able to install some kind of “bracing contraption” to fix the roof. This worries me because no matter how many engineering reports I get that say it’s not safe, only the AHJ can actually force him to redo it. So it appears I’m stuck right now. I have a meeting with my lawyer and want to discuss, among other things, whether the builder can refund my money and walk away, but my understanding is, WE HAVE A CONTRACT and he simply can’t quit on us right? He must build this home according to the plans and all applicable codes. The only problem is if the AHJ allows the builder to brace the roof, then technically it will pass code (so I’m told) and where do I go from here? Thanks for all of your replies, I knew I wasn’t crazy. Here’s the thing which also makes me more sick. I had another builder to build the home for $100k less, but my builder warned me that “You get what you pay for.” He swore that other builder MUST be cutting corners so I should go with him. I did, paid the premium and look at the mess I’ve gotten. Very sad and very hard to deal with this when I’m in NY and the home is in NC.

I can/will testify on your behalf if you have to go to court to get out of your contract.

My wife was looking at these while I was and was wtf. “Shouldn’t those be cut at an angle, what’s with the bowed stud, I love the pieces of wood stacked up supporting nothing”.
She don’t know the technical terms but anybody can see the numerous problems.

You need to stop work asap and fire him before it gets worse. Find an inspector wherever it is being built since not easy for you to get there

Are any of you guys framers? I agree that there are some issues with this, such as the missing hanger bracket on the double floor truss, but most are typical for a turret roof like that. Not as bad as you guys make it out to be, but it does need some attention.

Brad, so you think it takes a framer to verify if that is a bad frame or not?

Whoever that is does not have the right to swing a hammer. Go for it Nick!!! I am all the way with you on this but I guess you would know that already.
Inspectorseek right away!!!

Nick that was awesome for you to say, I appreciate the support. I have an engineer on site today and will find out what he thinks shortly.

Nick that was awesome for you to say, I appreciate the support. I have an engineer on site today and will find out what he thinks shortly.

I would DOCUMENT everything and then I would sue the city. I would bring a lawsuit, the news, the newspaper and if I owned the land I would put a huge sign in the front that says.

ABC construction just ruined my dream home but performing unsafe and improper craftsmanship, and I have engineering reports to prove it. Guess what the city does not care…they will PASS ANYTHING and Mr. ---- Over the building department approves this garbage. CAUTION…if your building a house, this municipal inspector will pass ANTHING…

DO NOT let them screw you…Once its yours…the same guys here, who are saying it is CRAP and going to say its CRAP when you go to sell and you will be stuck with it!

No, that is not what I am saying, experienced framing contractor maybe. I wasn’t there so maybe an engineering opinion is warranted. Most of you seem to be fixated on the jacks that are not bevel cut, this is normal for this type of roof. It is sloppy, no doubt, but dangerous or structurally unsound, maybe. The pieced in wall sheathing is probably not to code. Poor workmanship is mostly what I see and can be rectified without tearing it down and starting over.

There is nothing in those pictures done right.

A stop work order to this Contractor is way overdue.

As a residential and commercial Builder for 40 years, I can attest to that also.

Professional Builder this guy is not.