Try my online home inspection fee calculator.

You can set the base rates then input data for each inspection. Great if you have an office manager bidding your inspection jobs while you are out in the field.

We can only hope that some will follow this as a general guide to pricing…

You can adjust the Standard Rates box depending on your thinking. For example, in Los Angeles your Mileage Factor should be set higher (because of traffic) than if you are in Wyoming.

If you set up your Standard Rates box, your office manager can then correctly bid jobs for you.

One could only hope…:roll:

For sure. I keyed an inspection I lost last week. This quote is $641 without termite. I quoted $525 with termite and radon, and lost it to another company at $349. Cheap is cheap. I told him good luck. Same with this formula.

Nick, send the calculator to all the real estate brokers on your bulk email list.


Today’s Inspection

How many miles will you have to drive (one way) to get to the property? 50 miles
How old is the home? years old
How large is the home? square feet
1600 sq ft
About average
Age factor .015

Standard Rates

Please adjust these options to match your pricing structure.
Base Price: dollars
Mileage Factor: dollars per mile
Age Factor: dollars per year *
Size Factor: dollars per square foot

  • Please note that the age factor will be adjusted by the size factor as well, because the size of a home becomes more of an issue the older a home is.

You have to play with the Standard Rates box a bit to get it to where you want it. Also, the drop down box increases the price if your schedule is full (very busy or swamped).

Sweet I like that one even more. $551.20

Been playing with this thing for the past hour. Worse than Space Invaders (oops, now I’ve revealed my age).

Space Invaders :slight_smile:

Exportable code to website or desktop or? The variables could maybe be prog’d to allow for snippet to be placed on desktop if a secretary or similar answers the phone OR …?

Cool BTW

I moved it to my web site BUT would not work there

Works nice here, but when I saved the link to my computer and tried it / She no work ???

Comes out to about $25.00 less than I charge…works well Nick…!

Home Inspection Fee Calculator


Right on Jeff. Actually after playing with it a little, it is pretty much jiving with my normal pricing methods :shock:.


Although this may be a good option for some, I must opt out because I have the ability to price a home inspection over the phone and behind my wheel (while driving). A computer is a great tool for my other home inspection business needs, but pricing a home inspection is second nature to me.

Very cool. The square footage of structure is overall, correct??? Thanks for posting this Nick.

Agree completely David. If someone can’t calculate (or shoot from the hip) a price quote, me’thinks there are other issue’s to be concerned with.

Now… if this were to morph into a widget that could be placed on a website (parameters hidden, of course), a potential client just enters address and home sq.ft. for an approximate guesstimate, I could see a use for it.

Good point… I’d consider it.

This is a great tool, but I think you need to include your fee for doing a crawlspace.

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