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Dominic’s web hosting service is hands down top-notch!!!

I wanted a site to focus mainly on my thermal imaging.

Almost instantly I was ranked in top spots (underneath paid advertisement) for search phrase relevancy for which I wanted to be found. My site has not faltered from these positions and has consistently climbed towards the top in secondary search phrases.
My site and domain name are just over 2 months old and here’s the Alexa ranking:**Traffic Rank: ** Top 6.44 % ****

Alexa is an online service that measures traffic for millions of sites on the Internet in a similar way to Nielsen television show ratings.
Your website has an Alexa rank of 1,933,840 which is in the top 6.44 % of all websites.

I haven’t paid a cent to Dominic yet (for which I have to say makes me feel somewhat guilty :slight_smile: ) and have received numerous infrared jobs off this site alone!!! All in just over 2 months mind you!:cool: And I haven’t even completed my list of things to do for SEO.

I’m to meet with a National roofing company on Friday to perform a scan on a flat roof and work out the details on a mutually beneficial inspection program! Guess where they found me? That’s right, a Google search for flat roof infrared inspections which popped up my site as number 1!

Even if you’re considering expanding your ancillary service exposure like me, give Dominic a try. You won’t regret it. The package is soooo easy to use, but he’ll gladly help you if you get stuck! If you don’t like how it looks… try one of his many and ever growing different templates, switch the menu to the other side, change the default background image, and more… all with just a couple of mouse clicks!

I owe much gratitude to Dominic and his web hosting service! His willingness to help so many of us even when we are not direct clients of his just leaves me speechless. And as far as I’m aware has never asked for anything in return! We owe it to Dominic to support a man of his caliber as guys and services like this are few and far between.

Kudos Dominic!
I wish you much success and thanks for all that you offer! :smiley:

Thanks so much for the kind words Bill!! I’m glad to be helping you get jobs so quickly. You’ve worked hard on your site and it shows.

I also posted a thread in Computers & Technology: as most guys will look for sites there. But I believe that section is members only so I guess it’s good to post here too :smiley: