tryin to find out if what i saw today was PB

so i am retarded and cant figure out how to upload a picture, i go to the attach image and it wants me to put in a URL or click on some paperclip to attach an image that i dont see which i need cause its on my comp.
heres my best to describe gray piping with white plastic connections
any help?

Click the paperclip and navigate to the file on your computer. Then click upload. Pretty simple.

Here’s an informative link. (Google is wonderful :D)

where would it be? i dont see any paper clip

i swear its not there i just spent 5mins looking at the screen, every time i click on the mountain it asks about allowing some script and thats where it says click on the paperclip above but theres nothing above it

Attaching Images to this MB


Excellent Tutorial Dave, thanks,

I don’t think non-members can upload pics. (I could be wrong)

Try copy/paste into the post.

ya there is definetly no paper clip as shown in the tutorial , thanks for that btw. so because im not a member i cant post pics? thats lame. guess ill take my questions elsewhere

Whoops. Not a paperclip. A yellow icon with a mountain on it.