Is this polybutylene

Is this pipe polybutylene please it has pb102 written on it

IMG_0021 (Small).JPG

Yes it is.

Thanks Todd I thought it is was

Carl, all PB is actually marked PB2110 (that is what the stuff in the photo’s is marked)



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Thanks Gerry you passed my deliberate mistake test:roll:

Gerry did you get the receptacle and chimney pics from this house. As you can see it was another great house that I always seam to get

Carl, don’t you watch This Old House? I’ve seen Rich Trethewey install that tubing a zillion times.

BTW, I only understood about every third word you said in our fonecon the other day.

How long have you been in this country?

Carl remember to direct your client to

Joe I have been here 3 years remember it’s our bloody language not yours. It is me that talks correctly not you!!!

Thanks Greg I will

Even after that Joe it was nice of you to call thanks

Good point.

If I find PB tubing on an inspection should I advise my client that all the piping should be replaced?

Hi Craig,

there are too many variables to just state that PB tubing should be replaced, I certainly would not want it in my home but others are no so violently opposed to it, here are some of the variables.

  • Make of tubing
  • Type of fittings
  • Chemistry of local water
  • Proper installation
    If I see PB I note the manufacturer, and the fitting type and further research issues pertaining to the system when I get back to the office, however I always state in my report that PB tubing and fitting are known to fail and should be constantly monitored.

I have known of tubing that has failed for no other reason than that the water chemistry is incompatible with PB, in particular that the Chlorines in the water are degrading the pipe walls, this of course cannot be seen with a standard visual inspection.

Any PB that still has Aluminum crimp rings I will automatically flag for further evaluation by a specialist plumbing contractor.



Joe I have been here 3 years remember it’s our bloody language not yours. It is me that talks correctly not you!!!

Thats the trouble Carl. They all speak American not English.

Thanks for the info Gerry,
My own house (built in 1191) has PB piping but you would never know it without opening a wall. All the stubs out the wall are copper. I have never had a problem so far. Are some manufacturers better quality than others?