Trying to determine total amps

What does NACHI electrical course instruct you to do? what is stopping you from determining the service ampacity? what did you check and determine thus far?

Looked at Meter, 200 AMP. There was not a Main Service Panel at the Meter to look at Breaker AMPS.
I could not read the Breaker at the top of this Panel because of paint. I see a 100 AMP breaker, 50 AMP just below and a 40 AMP below that going down the left side. I don’t want to guess.

Question,are all residential electrical meters located on the outside of the structure. ??? And the service panel is inside. ??? Correct ???
Green horn here.

Did you check the panel rating? how about the sticker on the main breaker in the panel, did you check its model? what size were the SE conductors? you do your best and if you’re not able to identify you say so… definitely do not want to guess! We can guess from here for you but that is all it’s going to be without additional info. To determine the service ampacity you check the SEC, the main OCPD, and the panel rating. The lesser of the 3 is the service size until the other components are upgraded. If you find a particular mismatch, for example 200 amp breaker on 100 amp wire, you have a problem!

John, no… there is no such requirement. The meter can be on a remote post and the panel on the outside or inside the building. You need to get familiar with how it’s done in “your” area. Drive around, talk to your friends, go to open houses, etc…

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Thank you Simon. Just seems not right to expose an electrical service panel to the outside elements. Ok, I will hit open houses. They will think I am a potential buyer. I learn something every time here. Thanks for your help :100:JZ

They are made and tested for outdoor/exterior installation and last a long time. It’s done so all the time. Regarding open houses, you can tell them you’re an inspector in training, most of the time they will not have a problem with you taking a look around. Of course don’t start taking panels apart :slight_smile: You can also find an inspector to take you on a few ride alongs. Good luck, you need to know a ton to be a competent inspector but you can do it if you truly want to, it’s a lot simpler than building rockets and sending them to space :slight_smile:


Here’s a new replacement from Saturday’s inspection.
GE Powermark with a 150A disconnect. The other breakers are for pool, sprinkler equipt. These type panels are rated weatherproof.
The interior distribution panel was in the garage, another GE Powermark.

My home (from 1979) has a 200A exterior main with the same setup.
I’d say about 8 of 10 I see down here are similar. :cowboy_hat_face:

exterior circuit breaker panel1

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Thanks Simon, I’m near the Detroit area and I contacted 3 inspectors. They are afraid of training the competition. It’s ok, I will learn this stuff and be good at it. I do respect and admire all your posts. Thanks for the service panel info. Peace be at your doorstep and have a great afternoon. JZ

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JZ, 3 is a small number… email 20+ inspectors. You may need to travel, say 45+ miles out… Just a thought :slight_smile:

Does that include the outhouse? :wink:

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If you were closer I’d let you ride with us.
I had 2 ride along’s with me today.


Thanks Mark. I learned again today!!!:100:JZ

No, No, and No.

If you don’t know, don’t guess.

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You don’t know my wife then…Nope! :sweat_smile:


Oh man I would sponge up all the information I could get. Thank you thinking of me. I would be honored to serve. Now don’t temp me, I could be there in 24 hours. JZ

I like it right to the point. Thank you

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