100 amp service box inside and 60 amp meter outside ....please help :)

I have a house inspection tomorrow and I have a few questions in regards to my meter outside of my house. The buyer seems to think that the service meter is a 60 amp meter. However, I have a service panel that is rated at 100 inside the house. I had an electrician come by and just look at the set up and he said it was a 60 amp meter but the wire that feeds in the conduit looks like 100 amps feeding into the house. Is there anyway that I can send some pictures to somebody and get the determination what I’m up against? We have lived here for 15 years and I do not feel like we are operating off of 60 amp service.

Someone please text me at 6187912466 if you can answer . I can take pictures and share.

What is the size of your main breaker?

The main switch is 100

The main switch is 100 amp

First take some photo’s and post them here. Start with the service entrance conductors, the meter enclosure, then the service panel with the cover off and the panel nameplate.

I posted them


And you did not address your concerns to him and or was he concerned?

He just asked if we had 100 amp service and I told him we did and he said it looks like a 60 amp service box and outside.

Meter looks rated to 200 amps from my standpoint however main breaker is 100 amps.With no view of conductors best guess is 100 amp service.

Service size is based on main here unless conductors are undersized.

The meter says CL200. Which means it is rated for at least 200 amps.


Does anyone agree that cl200 is the rating for amps? Everyone says that the round ones are 60 amps.

The meter size is really irrelevant. You would need to look at the SEC size. It appears that the panel has been upgraded so it’s possible that the SEC’s are only rated for 60 amps but without further info we’re just guessing.

I agreee. The OP said an "electrician " said they had a 60 amp meter. So I pointed out it was not.

As did I -funny we all said the same thing in different ways.

The electrician was commenting on the meter socket, which looks like a 60A to me.

And why is he on this forum if he had an electrician out already? Why didn’t he confront his problems with him? :roll:

Meter is definitely 200 Amps, but the 60 Amp rating was probably for the round meter enclosure, which are usually rated for 60 Amps, but not always. Meter enclosures and conduit ratings are based on internal volume, to accomodate the heat generated by wire resistance.

The attached pic is of round meter base for a 100 Amp service, determined by the #4 wires at the weatherhead, 1.25" conduit, and a 100 Amp service panel with a 100 Amp main breaker. It ain’t clear from the picture, but the 100 Amp round meter base is deeper than a 60 Amp meter base.