Determining service panel ampacity

I inspected a small 900 sq. ft. home yesterday. The home was built in 1960 but had been completely remodeled. The electrical panel looked to be new, however, there was no label inside the cover and no main on the panel. Is there a way to determine the electrical capacity of the panel?



Do you have any pictures of outside near the meter?

A service is limited to 6 throws of the hand without a main. That panel has 7.

6 hand movements, not actual switches.

not true, 6 breaker handles

I was under the impression it was 6 hand movements as well, I’ll have to double check. Edit: Looks like the rule is for 6 breakers, not just 6 throws of the hand. Here’s a picture of the meter:



Nope, 6 handles. If I can swipe multiple handles at the same time that does not count as one movement.

Ken, the meter itself is meaningless in this context. I was hoping for a picture that showed service cable or an outside disconnect.

The panel is missing a main breaker. And this is certainly not 6 throws.

I wrote up the lack of main as well as the neutral wire that shows signs of melting around the sheathing, just was unsure of determining ampacity rating for the panel.

I don’t see any signs of heat or melting in that picture. The neutral was too short and it was extended with a split bolt.

Here’s the picture of the neutral I wrote up, the second one down.