Trying to identify this contraption

This is next to the detached garage/apartment of this huge custom home I inspected today here in western NC.
The water source for this home is a combination well/natural spring with cistern…that is located about 700 feet from here near the main house.

The concrete manhole in the picture is similar to the other ones for the cistern…only about 10 feet deep and half full of water.

This appears to be an alarm maybe…red light on top.

It clearly has to do with the water supply to the detached garage/apt…

Water is inside the middle box, and it is leaking down to the receptacle underneath creating a dangerous situation.

I’m guessing a low water level alarm maybe…

some pics of the main cistern/well area…

I have a bunch more pics…but didnt want to over do it…


Looks like a septic tank pump alarm.


Zactly…usually, a septic pump system alarm and light to alert owners that it is malfunctioning.


Looks icky

strange…as there is a fresh water cistern thing right next to it

I would have thought that they would need to be separated by like a 100 feet?

The concrete well thing next to it definitely contains fresh water…it looks exactly like the ones next to the spring fed cistern near the house…

Plus it is dripping water…You have the top box with the red light on it. Below is another box and water is flowing through it.

No smell of septic at all

I tried to text/call the seller, but they never responded.

I’ll ask the listing agent if they know…

Same type of alarm can be used for holding tanks/cisterns to indicate a low level.

The leak definitely needs called out, regardless of determination on devices. Especially given the outlet beneath.


I think that is what I was thinking it was as well…but needed some confirmation before putting that in the report…

I thank you guys for responding…seriously big help

I’m definitely calling out the leak!

Rural inspection?

I concur. Looks like a cistern. Not for waste water.
Rhombus Tank Alert.
Were is the float?

The spray water aeration must be continuous to treat any water quality problems that can occur from stagnant water. That’s what the red light warning light is for. The receptacle for appliance maintenance.

Reach out to the vender agents to reaffirm what the manufactured concrete casting is for and maintenance records.

Thanks for sharing.


I think the float was in the water …but was difficult to see…even with a powerful light.


Pretty sure it’s an alarm that can work on either systems. I had these installed on two septic constructions I did. Main tanks had to be pumped to upper grade level auxiliary tanks. When the pump malfunctioned, the light and alarm would sound. I could see a reverse system on low water levels on a well system.


Thanks, Tom. Makes sense.

So after looking at your pics, I would say you have multiple units here. Of course you have the Septic system (due to the warning light and the toggle test switches - this is absolute) in addition I would also guess that you have a well system set up (see the hand pump located next to the Alarm in photos). This is also backed up by the fact that at least one of the tanks looks very clean - too clean for septic. I would possibly think that it could be a dual well system cistern of some type? THis is in addition to the Septic system. Yes, there is a requirement for distance separation but you can not readily see where the Septic field lays in relation to where these wells are. So, not sure as to the legality of separation here. Not sure I would even mention this since its not in our SOPs - this would be my best guess - especially based on other reputable comments within here (CPIs, etc). Interested in what you eventually find on this.