Tub support

Would this be a potential problem if tub filled and an above average person was in tub.

Bottom of tub elevated and expandable foam used. Would the lip of tub be enough or should additional framing be installed under tub instead of foam?

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232913 065 (Small).JPG

232913 065 (Small).JPG

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That is a lot better than the new construction I had. Called out the tub since it flexed so much when I was inspecting the garden window and my clients were also rather LARGE.

Builder sent in a worker to repair with foam. The next morning the tub had raised up 5 inches. They had to remove the whole thing, scrape the foam, repair the disconnected trap, and replace the tub. They were real lucky there was some flex in the PEX supply lines or those could have popped off as well.

The proper installation is a bed of mud or the various mortars mixed with fiberglass. Failure to have a proper base will lead to hairline cracks, if not in the floor of the tub then at the edges of the rail that is supporting it. I have seen some builders use layers of backer board under the tub. Call it out.

Thanks, I did call out, just making sure I report correctly. Nice response, appreciate the feedback. Glad I took off access!!