Jacuzzi tub install

Inspected a new construction home today. In the Master Bath is a Jacuzzi tub. The client asked me to check the tub for support. Apparently she had stood in it and it’s bottom is supported only at the middle. Tapping on the bottom, it’s hollow. The only solid area is a 12" circle in the middle. Stepping on any other area, it feels like the tub flexes.
I’m sure the builder tested it, but shouldn’t the tub be supported throughout? I’ve tried to check it with the manufacturer, and can’t tell their recommendation.
BTW, this is on 1st floor, slab on grade construction.

Did you open the panel to check for GFCI and look inside.?

Varies with manufacturer and model#…

Link to Jacuzzi brand… http://www.jacuzzi.com/pdf/K339000.PDF

I stand in all tubs, showers, and spa tubs and vigorously move around. If I sense that it moves, or if I see the drain pipe move, I call it out. That’s all I do.

FYI. “Jacuzzi” is a trade name and should not be used generically.

I do the same - this was pointed out to me by the buyer before I even got to the room. You know the “Let me show you this…”
And it is a “Jacuzzi” brand tub.

I’ve never had this, though - how do you document it?

It’s not a jet tub, just the Jacuzzi brand oval bathtub. No access panel under it.

Should have checked the picture.(sorry)

Since you have no way of seeing the support I would just recommend a Recommend a Licensed and certified Plumber inspect and make any repairs if needed .

The client raising concern is enough.

We have a local builder that heavy promoted Jacuzzi tubs as standard equippment on the brochures. My client was very disappointed to find the brand name and not the jets.


If it’s a vinyl tub, any experienced plumber would have poured a ‘Structolite’ substrate and set the tub on top of it.


Injection foam under the tub for support.

That’s what I thought. They apparently just put it on a 12-15" “pedestal” to support the bottom of the tub. It’s not supported throughout. I’m going to recommend the client have the builder re-install it before she closes on the house.