Tub install

This is how NOT to support a tub from below.:shock:


WOW! That’s a winner…

Whats your problem man they used plenty of nails. I am just glad to see Harry is still busy.:smiley:

And they where galvanize nails too.

you would not want them to rust would you, someone might get hurt.

WTF is that supposed to be.

Good thing you were there.

I am assuming a “sunken tub”.

Got a pic of the bathroom, John?

Sorry, No pictures of the bathroom. I was there just doing an insurance inspection.

Looks like they tossed it in to move it out after you were there.

The buyers put it in that way! :shock:

Just curious. How did you report that if it was a 4 point (I am assuming it was as you said it was an insurance inspection).

And you wonder why I always have my client check for permits??

Geesh, you guys don’t have much confidence in a few Tapcons and galvanized nails do you?:mrgreen::wink:

Holds up fine you just can’t put any water in it.

“The tub should be should be properly supported.” I consider it a structural issue. Since I only answer the questions on the Nachi 4 pt form technically it was not part of the inspection.

I check for permits on many occasions but, checking for permits can be futile. I can not tell you how many times, the municipality could not give me a permit date or lied. Then to have the homeowner or contractor produce a copy.

This old house wants the rights to the pictures, they want to do a show on tub installations.