Turbine vents interior of the house

I noticed that a turbine on the roof was connected with two flex pipes. One flex pipe connected the basement with turbine and the other one connected the turbine with the main floor hallway. What is the purpose of this? Seems like an air outtake but why?

An attempt at making a homemade air exchanger. The bucket makes an air tight chamber under the vent, which would create vacuum pressure and help vent stale air out of the home. However, a turbine vent is designed to pull air out, so it would not pump in fresh air in return.


Agree with Junior…and…

An attempt at possibly cooling the house in the summer by opening the windows, if the vents can be closed in the winter, also. :smile:


That is flipping cool. I wish I had thought that up. At the minimum someone put some thought into the process.
I hate those turbines, however. When the wind blows they make noise. .

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maybe they are just really stinky people …

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Roy, I had one that was loud. So, I took it apart, tapped it in two places, put zerks in and filled it with Amzoil grease. I never heard a sound from it again. :smile:

Passive whole house attic fan for summer and close the registers in the winter. Great idea.

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Wow, how inappropriate this comment is.

Sometimes the truth hurts :smiley:

Thank you. This is really helpful.

Your welcome

Obviously You don’t know me…

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It depends on which way the wind is blowing, and if it’s blowing.

What’s up with this pipe through the floor? Did you check this out?

Possible central vac future/past connection?

Possible drop from attic for future electrical needs? :smile:

Yes, no clue what it was for. It just ended a few inches above the floor.

In a wall, or just out in the floor? Which room? Possibly to feed media cables through?

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That’s got to be genius, probably though up as a good way to vent a meth lab lol

Possible Radon remediation