TW Knob and Tube?

Anyone ever seen this. I recently inspected 2 different homes eary 60s, both had original k and t but jackets were labeled TW 14 ga 600v rating. I am used to seeing the old cloth jacket. Does anyone know if these wires are rated to be in insulation?

the picture is blurry so no way to identify the wire, but its not old knob and tube. Where did it go to and from. There was no K&T being installed in the 60s.

I often see K&T that’s been repaired/replaced with newer type conductor wire.
It isn’t in insulation, so what’s the concern?
Odd’s of you finding it in insulation is slim to nil, so don’t worry about it until if & when you do.

If this is a lighting circuit it is not approved .Seeing only one wire it could be for some other reason .

I see you advertise as an International Code Council Residential Building Inspector #8211519 on your WEB site Meet Your Inspector - Old Blue ​Home Inspections . Is this a new certification? If so you may want to speak with ICC as they have no Aaron Brauer listed with any ICC certifications.

BTW will you be working towards your Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing certifications with ICC or just the Building certification which is a strucutural certification only?

I realize things can vary from region to region, but I’ve never seen knob and tube wiring on a 60’s ear home.

I inspect plenty of post-WWII homes but I only ever see knob and tube on pre-WWII home.

Either way, I would want to test it to see if it’s live or just old abandon wiring.