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So I am learning about knob and tube wiring, trying to gain more knowledge and have never seen it in real life. So I understand what I will find in the attic area to identify k&t. But what about inside an electrical panel. Is knob and tube usually cloth covered? or is cloth wiring something different? In Florida I need to do insurance inspections, the question they ask is wiring type, so I have to remove the panel, this type of inspection is limited so it does not involve going in the attic, so by inspecting the panel how can I tell it is knob and tube, and I also read sometimes when they upgrade the fuse panel to a breaker panel they can still use knob and tube in the house but will change the wiring going into the breakers, not sure how true that is. Just looking for more info. I have searched google and nachi looking at pics and articles, but I am still kind of lost. Any info would be great and thank you in advance.

K&T before the 1930’s was in fact copper with a cloth cover. Later the cloth was replaced with a rubber coating. Biggest issue with K&T is that it is old and can be brittle, especially if the circuit is overloaded. With many of today’s appliances utilizing almost a full circuit (eg. Hair dryer, computers, AV equipment.) this old wiring can’t handle the load, which causes the wires to overheat, then arc at weakest point ( point of connection at device). Thus causing wire to become week and brittle, this then becomes a fire hazard. Newer wiring in a panel will generally have a white neutral.

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