Twisted ground wires in main panel

Several ground wires are twisted together and inserted under one lug in the main panel. Should I write this up different than just a double tap?


ground wires can share a lug.

Typically up to three of the same size. Sometimes different sizes are OK.

What is shown is likely not compliant, but is not dangerous either.

I agree. I wouldn’t really do it that way, and while it’s a technically a code violation, I can’t really see that as being anything worth getting cranked up about. If I was giving advice to a home inspector about that, I might advise him to simply document that the condition exists, and refrain from further comment.

I called for an electrician to repair the twisted grounds in this panel on Wednesday. No lug whatsoever.
At least they’ve kept the Al separate from the Cu here.
Corrosion, multiple double-taps, missing branch ground screw, solid Al, all in an FPE panel. :cool:

John Kogel



Based on FPE information available to home inspectors that panel should not have had any repair recomendations. Replacement would have been the proper call.

Probably right for your area, Bruce.

This is Canada, we’re different up here. :stuck_out_tongue:
Federal Pioneer panels are being installed in new houses every day.
Hopefully the electrician will determine the condition of the breakers and the panel.

I wrote it up as not being the prefered method. I did not list it as a safety issue or a repair. Thanks, for the info.

If I could determine that all the wires twisted together were actually terminated under the screw, I would not write it up because, twisted or not, more than one ground wire per screw is allowed. On the other hand I once saw a panel that had virtually ALL of the grounds twisted together into one big mess with only one or two strands actually terminated. That’s a different story, IMHO.

True, but not 4 or 5, like pictured. Functionally, you and I both know it will work fine. I think those ground bars are only rated for up to 2 per hole. Some are rated for 3.

You are correct, of course; however, whenever, I find such a panel there is usually more about which to be concerned.