Neutral/Ground double taps

Lately I have found a lot of neutral/ground double taps in new homes. Here is another. Ken


Use the search feature and you will discover multiple threads discussing these issues.

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That is a no no in my book.

The wires doubled up… aren’t those the grounding electrode conductors? One going to the ground rod through the meter box and one going to the water main?

The white wire with green tape on it and the bare ground wire that I believe is going to the exterior ground rod, are doubled up. There is another lug on the left side of the neutral they could have used. They did not have any ground wires going to the water piping that was visible. Even though they are both grounds my understanding is no two wires under one lug. Is this right or wrong? :roll:

It’s both.
You can’t put a blanket statement that it is wrong.

You can, in most panels, put two or even three ground wires, of the same size, under one terminal. By this I mean smaller grounds, like #14-#10.
The label in the panel will state this.

The terminals I mention are the neutral/ground bars. A lug like the one at the top of that HOM panel cannot accept more than one conductor, regardless of size or use.

So as you see, it is NOT a matter of a right or wrong thing. The details matter.

Like Chris said, if you do a search you’ll see lots of discussion on this exact topic.

I’ve come across this lately and have pissed a few real estate agents off with it in my reports.
Joe Tedesco is a wealth of information on electrical issues and should be applauded for all his help on the board.
I contacted him and he’s unbelievabe, a walking NEC reference book.
Great Job Joe.