Twisted Post Tension Cables?

I know that the post tension cables should all be laid out evenly prior to pouring slab. For example. All the front to back should be on top and all the side to side should be on bottom or vise versa. I just did a phase 1 and there are two cables at the bottom of the piers. Sometimes these cables were twisted around each other life a strand. One twist about every 4 feet. Is this OK or should the be completely parallel to each other?

Gosh, Chris, I am not a PT slab expert but I would think that looking at the engineers plans/specifications would be paramount to answer that question.

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I’ve never encountered a foundation “pier” with a 4’ width.

The twist you are describing is wrong. PTC located at the “bottom” of anything is wrong. The PTI Installation Manual Section 5.2 will address these and so much more. I suggest if you will be performing pre-pour inspections on PT slabs you purchase a copy and read it.

I did not mean to say pier. I meant to say beams as in the beams (ditches prior to fill) that run perpendicular to each other in the interior of the home. The post tension cables that run lower through the beams/footers are twisted (in-circling each other every 4 feet or so. Twisted around each other about 6 times total in the length of the cable) not the ones set in the main slab level on top. It just seemed like they should be running parallel to each other. I haven’t been able to find anything on this in code.

Chris, could you please explain the ditches? Out here we just see a flat grade with PT