Two 200 amp services or are they?

In the picture we see two separate 200 amp services with… a 200 amp service fed directly off the bus bar of each to a 200 amp sub-panel. On top of each there is a 100 amp breaker for an additional 100 amp sub-panel. The question is… WHY? This home is 2,246 sq. ft. under roof. What in the world was going on here?

G. VanCleef 028.JPG

G. VanCleef 027.JPG

G. VanCleef 029.JPG

G. VanCleef 030.JPG

G. VanCleef 031.JPG

What are the locations of everything?

Is it two 200 mains next to the meter outside and two 100amp panels inside?

Sometimes there has to be a main disconnect within 10 feet (cable length) of the meter.
Maybe the electrician just had those panel left over and wanted to use them or mabe planned on a generator panel later on for one of those panels.

How does the meter connect to this setup?

I see you have been to 244th Ave, the previous owner was a contractor and did a lot of odd stuff and without permits by the way. It’s easier to run one cable to feed a sub than to run all the circuits all the way back,
How did you like the pump house? And the drop ceiling was a Mess.
If your still working on the report make to have them check the flood plane.

LOL! Yes Bruce 244th Avenue. Yes I’ve already mentioned to the client they need to find out if the home is in the flood plain. What cracked me up the most was lack of drywall mud on the drywall. Great expansion joints in the carport slab also.