two level covered deck/porch

Check this one out…






A little paint, and duct tape and your all set.

North Carolina says you can disclaim it as beyond the SOP!

Hope you made about $750 on that POS.

OMG. :shock:

You’ll have another matching set in a few. :wink:

run forest run…

Bruce, are those posts being supported by the rim joist of a deck below?

Picture 2 Bob, and it sure looks like it. The butt joint of the rim joist is opened up quite a bit at the top.
Surprised this whole thing has not come down yet. :slight_smile:

A few are, barely, some are only supported by the composite decking!

Even the ones that are bearing right over a 4x4 failed since the metal foot on the posts is larger than the top of the 4x4. This caused the post to lean over and sink into the decking next to the 4x4 posts as shown in picture 3.

Bruce how someone could build or upgrade a deck and not notice there is a problem. :slight_smile:

The house has been vacant for a few years I think. Not many people realize the affects of stacking loads like this design has.