Two meters three services......

Owner of home works for power company…I was going to call out a remote panel (garage) for not isolating the grounds and neutrals. He said this is another service. He is correct as there is no feed from the other two services to the garage. Can you feed multiple services from a single meter?

I see large houses all of the time with 2-3 main panels off of a meter and common gutter. Pretty much any house that needs more than 200amps down here.

Had one house with a 1000amp service, but it was a commercial type feed/panel.

As long as the service is being metered, I don’t see an issue.

1000 Amps…WTF. Never in my lifetime.

Well, that of course is an unknown…I hope that it runs through the meter…but he does work for the power company :slight_smile:

I’d have to see it, but it sounds wrong to me. Were the “services” bonded somehow?

Two of the three service panels did not have a bonding strap from the neutral buss bars to panel. All three panels were supposed to be grounded to two eight ft grounding rods at the meter face.

I’m having difficulty visualizing this, but everything about it sounds wrong.

You can’t have more than one service to a residence (exceptions do apply), the disconnect(s) should be in one location and the panels/components must be bonded (interconnected to each other through a conductor or metallic path).

How far from the meter(s) are the panels?

Two of the services are in the basement with the meter sockets directly on the exterior wall ( one is an off peak meter controlled by the power company). A third service in the garage, is tapped off one of the meter sockets at the house. The main house service is grounded to a rod. The off peak ground could not be established 3-wire SEC no grounded conductor visible. The third garage, service, the owner claimed was grounded to the rod at the house??? I deferred it to a licensed electrical contractor with numerous other difficencies.