two neutral wires under one lug

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The logic behind allowing multiple equipment grounding conductors (ie: green or bare) in the same lug, but not allowing multiple grounded (ie: white or gray) in the same lug is how they are used.
The equipment grounding conductor IS NOT a normally current carrying conductor. The grounded conductor (or neutral) IS a normally current carrying conductor.

In other words, when everything is operating according to plan, the white wire is carrying current and the green or bare wire is not.

That’s why a lug rated for multiple conductors is still limited to only one grounded conductor.

Also note that the UL listing requirements for this is much older than the code requirement. And since the code requires that apparatus is used according to its listing, be default the code had already required the one grounded conductor per lug rule.

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I believe that is true of grounding conductors, but not neutral.

I recall from my training that having two neutrals under one lug was considered an arcing (thus fire) hazard. Is this not also the case? I did not see mention of it in the article.

One neutral per terminal all panels, multiple EGC’s based on the listing of the panel. This may help: