Two Quick Questions On Receptacles

I have two quick electrical questions. On the first picture, what are the spacing requirements for receptacles at counter top level? On the second picture; should these receptacles be GFCI protected? They are in a laundry room, but not on a counter top with the sink. It is a galley style laundry room with the laundry sink on one side and work space on the other.

Russell Train



If this were a kitchen a new install would require that no wall space was more than 2’ from a receptacle, ie 4’ spacing. Also any countertop 12" wide or more would require a receptacle. There are other rules regarding islands and penisulas.

A new laundry room would require GFI protection for receptacles within 6’ of the laundry tub. It would also require a circuit dedicated to just the laundry room receptacles. This would include the receptacle for the washer if within the 6’.

What year was the house built? Is this a kitchen or a wet bar?

Here is a quick link from 2005 NEC on that area.

Its new construction and it’s a wet bar.

Ok. So what I can gather is… on the counter top of the wet bar you would only need one receptacle, because it’s not a food prep. area , but the counter top is more the 12” wide so it requires at least one receptacle (the outlet shown is GFCI protected). For the laundry room those receptacles would need GFCI protection because they are within 6 feet of the washer (even though the washer is front loading and under the counter top)? Thanks for your help guys.


The laundry does NOT need to be GFCI. The 2005 rule is 6’ from the sink, not the washer.

Thanks Greg

See below:

Elect - GFCI - Utillty-laundry.jpg