Type of Shingle?

What type of shingle does this look like?
Fiber Cement Tile (Possible Asbestos) or Slate Tile

1940 House, original roof

Asbestos shingles preferably used on the walls in lieu of the roof. :slight_smile:

Correct! Don’t forget that you must put** may** contain asbestos and not does contain asbestos.

a worn out one…

But sure outlived any roof products we have today Jim, huh! :slight_smile:

Still asbestos siding on homes around here in good shape and installed in the 50’s.

I do agree with that Marcel.

same here partner and plenty of it…

I don’t care what they say, but asbestos siding was one of the best material ever developed.
No one died of installing siding, but I am sure the one’s minning the prodouct did.

Yes, and this Law Firm, 3 blocks down the street from my home, have helped Many (or family members) recover damages. The majority were factory or other industry workers.

*"*With over $4 billion :shock: in results, our asbestos & mesothelioma lawyers give families throughout the U.S. the personal attention they deserve"

And it is very unfortunate that at the time this product was mined, that the workers did not have the proper PPE to save them from this product.

In today’s world due to all that happened in the past, there is paranoia in everything we do and use today in the construction field.
That is why the cost of things today, liability manufacturers face in the products they produce.
All we need now is for someone to be diagnosed with lung disease from installing fiberglass insulation. And it will start again.

We may ask ourselves of other products today, are they safer?
Is fiber cement siding safe? Cutting. :slight_smile:

Did you see the Holmes Inspection Episode where they removed Asbestos in the floor, ceiling and attic? I know we would have a field day here with him if he scared homeowners like he does on his HGTV show.



Great article Gary, Exactly what I needed.

No kidding Marcel… I saw some ACM roofing again recently in Bev Hills that appeared to be orig to the home… 60+ years and the attic looked fairly clear of signs of moisture.

The downside? 60+ squares of ACM removal… I have no idea what that would cost, but… I’m certain it would be a BUNDLE.

Those are great articles, Gary, thanks, got a lot of reading to do tomorrow now. Unfortunately all the old homes in our neighbourhood are being torn down, mcmansions going up.

I did an asbestos roof shingle abatement job over 10 years ago. There were several shingles that were damaged in a wind storm and the insurance company payed for a complete roof replacement. The removal alone was over $5000.

No doubt in my mind Linas.
The last time I had aesbestos pipe in the ground removed on a college project, I had to have a special dumpster with a liner specifically for that pipe. Cost a fortune.
It was OK years ago when I installed that pipe, but now it cost an arm an a leg to remove and dispose. :slight_smile: