Roof Type Question

This roof is pretty old and not in great shape what kind of roofing material might this be? the shingle material is pretty thick - maybe an 1/8 to 3/16th. its very stiff, no flex at all. Its not slate or tile. Is it just an old asphalt shingle thats well beyond its life span?

Looks like asbestos

Asbestos, I second that !

Obviously the gable shingles are wood.

Hard to tell but it looks like asbestos-cement.

Given the license requirements to call it asbestos, I vote for an “asbestos like suspect material”, aka asbestos cement.

If you don’t want to call it “asbestos” (because that’s what it likely is), I have called it “Transite Composite Roofing Material”.

As with many post I think the person that is posting should have some type of information about where they are from or the location of the inspection without having to click the website link that is associated with the post if there is one. West coast East Coast and all between have different issues and requirements.

Cement asbestos imitation shake.
Asbestos cement roof shingles were in popular use in the U.S. from the 1920’s (est) through the** 1960’s** (est) and were sold in the U.S. into the 1970’s and according to some sources even in the 1980’s.
The dormer is redone.
Do not forget to call out that vent on the mansard side. It is the wrong type.
All the best.

yeah, it is Asbestos.