How to identify asbestos-fiber roof tiles

Is there an easy way to distinguish asbestos roof tiles from the fiber-cement type?

Are there any special reporting requirements if they are found to be asbestos?

Huh ? Asbestos roof tiles can be fiber cement tiles

Guess I should have said fiber-cement roof tiles that do not contain asbestos.

The only way would be to test the fibre. And I would not unless damaged

Adrian, Google search asbestos-fiber roof tiles, There is a lot to read up on good luck.

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I wouldn’t have a problem if asbestos roofing tiles were there. Just don’t eat it or snort it.

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Agree, but let them know removal when the time comes is going to be $$$$$…


I heard some other guy say the same thing before.
My insurance company wanted me to test my siding. :laughing: Nope
I said to myself “Pretty sure it’s asbestos. It’s fine :slightly_smiling_face:.”
I’m amazed at the shape it is in. Siding is from mid 50s

Does it look like this;


That’ll last forever and you can buy replacement shingles from GAF.
I use to help my Father as a kid repairing and replacing broken ones.
Used the old siding cutter and punch.

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I got spares where they did a addition. They left it on in the attic area.
Looked into the non asbestos replacement too.
Great if you ask me.
Thanks for the tip

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Well, if you plan on fixing to replace, you’ll need one of these. LOL


Oh my God that’s what they did my vasectomy with… LOL
I still have nightmares until this day.


did it taste like asbestos ???

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Lick test! :joy:

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Just wondering who was the licker. LOL

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Danger Will Robinson!

Adrian, there are no asbestos roof tiles. siding, or anything else. There are products that contain a certain percentage of asbestos depending on when and by whom they were manufactured.
Fiber-cement roofing (or any other building construction products) have not contained asbestos since about 1980, but don’t make the mistake of saying that asbestos products are banned. Except for a few that don’t really relate to building products, They aren’t. They were only banned for about 2 years.
Like Scott said, do some searches, particularly image searches, and you’ll find what you’re looking for.
Marcel’s photos are of fiber-cement siding that commonly contains some asbestos.

Here are examples:

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Ok, thanks, I’ll do some image searching to try to find more examples.

As far as reporting on the covering, as Thomas Glaze mentioned, is the most important thing to make the client aware of remediation costs? That’s assuming the report includes all the relevant information on defects, etc.