Type of wiring at the air handler shutoff switch panel

I inspected a house that was built in 1961. Attached are the pictures of the wiring in the sub-panel where the air handler shutoff switch was located. Can anyone guess what type of wiring this is? It seems like it is a braided aluminum but I just want to get the second opinion. I am curious about what orange-colored grease is as well. Thank you.

Aluminum with anti-oxident compound.

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Thank you.

Exactly…no problem with either.

Thank you, David and Larry.

Not to be a nit picker (OK maybe) but the term is ‘stranded’ aluminum wire (as opposed to solid). Braided wire looks like a girls hair braid (as in an auto or equipment ground strap).


Did you happen to observe the wire size & amperage rating.
I’m gonna guess & say 150A on 2/0 al.

Judging from the red stripe on the black conductor I would guess that this alumimum SE cable. As Bob stated it is correctly called a stranded coductor.

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Time to hit the NACHI Books on electrical stuff. It’s free by the way…

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This photo was taken at the air handler shutoff panel. The wire size was #2 or #4 stranded AL for 50 amp circuit breaker.

The service entrance cable was 1/0, supplying power to 150 amp main disconnect circuit breaker.