Electric air handler wiring

Electric air handler installed in attic for cooling only (boiler heat). The breakers/disconnects on the unit were 60 amp. The wiring supplying the unit was only 14 ga. on 15 amp fuses. System about 6 yrs. old.
Can someone enlighten me on this one?


Did you happen to get the data plate info?

As in what? Serial #???
I was mainly wondering about the size of wire for the 60 amp breakers on the unit. When, I got to thinking about it, wouldn’t the air handler just have to have enough power for the blower, hence the 15 amp/14 ga. wire? I know it’s not the greatest, but here’s a pic.

The data plate will often give the minimum and maximum circuit capacity.

There’s no hazard here, the conductors are sized appropriately for the 15 amp breaker, but I can’t offer any ideas as to why the disconnect is 60 amps.

The airhandler is setup for optional installation of electric heat strips, 10kw typical.