U.S. Chapter heads should add state site link to their chapter sites.

See the bottom of http://co.nachi.org/sample/about.html for an example in use.

Your state site is simply: www. (your state initials) -home-inspector.org, so Washington would be: http://www.wa-home-inspector.org , Florida would be http://www.fl-home-inspector.org Search speed improvements to the state and city websites have been made recently. They are really fast and include all the NACHI member’s contact information as per http://www.nachi.org/profileintro.htm

NACHI has a website for every state and every city in the U.S.!!!

If your chapter does not have a website you can get one for free at www.nachi.org/chaptersites.htm


What criteria is being used for the order of the listings.

If I look at Chicago, Illinois…there is no apparent order, and several of these companies are obviously, not in Chicago. Several are not even in the State of Illinois.

Area codes 262, is somewhere in Wisconsin, area codes 219 is somewhere in Indiana.

I know Chicago is a great place to work…but come on, this is out of control.

It’s bad enough that those of us in Chicago must compete with suburban inspectors, but out of State…Wow.

Well, There’s a SEARCH tab on top of the STATE page which points to www.findaninspector.us so I’d imagine the SEARCH results are based this.

Thanks Nick - Done

Done - on both pages… As soon as I get our other site up I will add it there on all pages also.