New site to help members increase their SEO now lists # of members in each state/prov


Please note:

Russel Myers, Home analysis group is no longer in business, He did not renew his state license and the company has been sold.

Hope this helps;

Looks good Nick, much better for the guys SEO!

Will, he just paid to renew his membership on September 22, 2008.

Dominic writes:

More and more consumers are looking for their inspectors on their own, online. SEO is becoming more and more important to our industry.

Thanks Nick!

Great job NACHI! Nick 1 flaw with the system I see. I live in IL however I’m right on the border and do business in St. Louis. Your system is posting ads via our home address. As a result I’m showing up as a IL home inspector and not a MO home inspector. I’m not licensed in IL yet. I do all my inspecting in MO. Please place me under MO.

Well he didn’t renew his IL. License. I checked a guy in my town and he didn’t renew his either, and one from an area town shows no record of ever having an IL. Lic.

I also know that is not your responsibility and appreciate the SEO help.

Very Nice.


Most of the Washington Inspectors had their SPI (Structural Pest Inspector) license in order to meet the state pest laws. This requires either E&O or a Bond, both can be a large expense. Not sure if that is why the licenses were not renewed or not. Regardless of the debate about whether you have to have one or not here are the numbers.

Out of 130 listed inspectors:

1 is from Sierra Leone and should not be listed in Washington
43 have renewed their State Pest Inspectors license.
8 are pending renewal for education credit confirmation
25 have no record of every having a State SPI license
53 show as expired State SPI licenses… but the State may be behind in posting the information.

I wonder how many are still in business…:shock:

All our visible members have renewed within the past 365 days.

Nick, where do I go, to change my city, please?


I may be wrong however I do believe you have to update your NACHI address on file to change your city. I’m having the same problem. I live in IL however I inspect in MO. NACHI any help please would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Nick!

Russell writes:

great idea, like it.

Ahh, yes, thanks-
Sometimes I need a reminder of the sites!
I think a NACHI directory would be bigger than the phone book for Spirit Lake. Actually, I know it would be!

Nick, the only problem is the profile uses our mailing address as the city in the listing. There is also a choice of a zip code in our profile and I would much rather use the zip code than the city, since my address is a PO Box in a very rural area and not my base of operation.

While this is a good tool, I did a search on my area. My name comes up third for Rotonda West (33947), and none of the other people in the top 7 are even licensed to work in Rotonda West, or Charlotte County (Rotonda West, Cape Haze, Placida, etc.).

And please don’t think in this market they will say “I am not licensed to work here”. :roll::D:D:D