UL Listing

I had an inspection today where someone had blacked out the UL listing and breaker information. Other than reporting, does this raise any other concerns?

100_0730 (Small).JPG

They don’t look like real HOM breakers to me, at all. I think somebody’s up to some monkey-business.

The reason I say that is this. When Square D started printing the amp rating in white on the end of the handle, they also printed the info that’s blacked out there right on the breaker. Yours appear to have stickers. When Square D just used stickers, they amp rating was just embossed and black, not white.

I could be all fouled up, but this one make me suspicious.

Marc, the HOM in my house panel has the white rating in the handle as well as the sticker. But I agree with you, something seems fishy. The home had other issues that smelled of cover ups so my guard was up. Since other electrical issues were present in the home as well as the panel, all I could do was to deffer to a licensed electrician.