Un-handy man III

I just like to post the pictures of the attempts to repair a component of a home. Please use this thread to post unusual or comic type of home owner repairs.

Bucket drain
Downspout drain
Duct tape guy or tin foil guy
That was the worst attempt at a finished ceiling.


Please submit some amusing photos I need to laugh:p

76206 Parma 046 (Small).jpg

76206 Parma 029 (Small).jpg

76206 Parma 038 (Small).jpg

76206 Parma 045 (Small).jpg

75806 Parma 025 (Small).jpg

Dave -

My father used to take our house apart and put it back together every weekend. No one ever came to our house to do anything. This is a guy who never went past 4th grade in Ireland, a self-taught carpenter, self-taught paperhanger, self-taught plumber, HVAC guy, you-name-it. He used to give us haircuts. The guy could do anything. The Budd Company used to call to borrow his tools. He put a toilet in our cellar. Sledge-hammered our furnace to get it out of the basement and installed a gas heater - the only one on the block. Permits? Fuhgeddaboutit! Corralled a runaway horse one day and today people are still talking about it. “Remember when Ferry’s old man caught that runaway horse?”

Only one of my six brothers inherited this gift. So much for nature over nurture.

I’m no one’s idea of a handy-man. Think footy-man. Knowing the phone number of the plumber is the extent of my contribution to domesticity.

So don’t be too harsh on those footy-men. They’re doing the best that they can.

The ceiling plasterer must be using the old soccer ball dunked in drywall mud method. I know what he was attempting to do but he missed it completely. I am real curious about the yellowish goo around the aluminum foil in the subflooring area. Did they use Vaseline to hold the foil in place?

:lol: I have seen the foil before. Yes they used vaseline to hold it in place. This was their mouse system to keep them from entering the open spaces.</IMG>

How are you doing Mark?

That’s just nasty.:roll:

What? I just wanted to know how he’s doing? :wink:

lol…not you…the Vaseline on the foil mouse trap.