Basement repair

The home owner has called for an inspection of a section of his basement that he had construction debris removed and a floor poured. He wants an opinion concerning the construction. I have only seen the photos attached and will be going over next week. If anyone has any pointers as to what I should look for please let me know. Thanks.

Its a disaster he person who did this should never ever be allowed to use tools again .

Sounds like you may be walking into a hornets nest.

If the homeowner did not have a contract or a set of plans describing exactly what he was paying for, then no home inspector is going to fix his problem. I agree it looks like crap, but what did it look like before? Did the home owner find the cheapest contractor he could find? Did the contractor discover hidden problems, which he offered to fix at additional cost? Be careful about giving an opinion on workmanship when the owner may have gotten exactly what he paid for and decided later he wanted more. I have been in similar situations where the owner had nothing in writing and was looking for documentation to sue the contractor. Don’t get caught in that trap, I just politely say without a contract or plans I am unable to help.

Is there an actual floor structure ?

Does the scope of work that was performed require a permit? Does he have any approved plans? I choose not to get involved with projects that require a permit, but the contractor talked the owner out of pulling one. Give him the contact info of the local AHJ. As Randy stated above " Don’t get caught in the trap"

The wood hanging down, in the first two photos, looks like wdo damage to me. I agree with Randys statement.

I agree best not to get involved in this mess, IMHO.