Dale Duffy Love Shacks in Maine too!

This one committed suicide too!

Microwave cord behind the stove. Couldn’t figure out where they plugged it in until I pulled the range out.

Master Bedroom upgrade

Well, I wasn’t done yet. :slight_smile:

1st pic… WHAT??

2nd pic… HUH???


4th Pic… OMG!!!

5th Pic… SHEEEESH!!!

Other than that it looks alright to me.

my biggest question when it comes to jobs like this is: Why am I here?

They don’t need a home inspector, they need a GC to give them bids on fixing every freaking thing.

I am a builder Mark and she thought it had potential. Wanted to know what was involved. Just told and showed them what needed to be repaired, and that included stripping to bare bones and start over. :mrgreen:

Had one like that a week ago. Toilet drained to a cesspool. Bath sink had an S trap emptying into a five gal pail. Shower pan over a hole draining into the crawl space. Water supply was a 55 gal drum on top of the shed piped to the house?



Marcel whatever you got paid for this, it wasn’t enough.


You’re right Larry, but it was a good friend of my wife and she did not buy it due to way to many things to repair.
I will do her next one though. She said that was the best $300 she had ever spent. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, you never know what it will be like until you see it. Sometimes I get easy ones.:mrgreen:

No such thing. The less I find, the harder I look. :wink:

All depends what you are looking for. :wink:

Ohhhhhh… THAT kind of easy! :mrgreen:

:mrgreen: There you go on a side street again. :wink:

The easy ones are the ones where it was simply built have way decent. Few minor plumbing and electrical issues, but structure, foundation and attics close to where they should be per building standards. :slight_smile:

What was the asking price?
I’m in the market for something I can convert into a travel trailer or a house boat. Looks like it may be a fixer upper though, and I don’t have a whole lotta time. Is there living space below the first floor? That would be a plus.