Undermount Kitchen Sinks

Hi Friends,

I am planning to change my existing Kitchen Sink. Currently I have a ceramic sink and now i am planning to go in for a Undermount Kitchen Sinks because i am finding it difficult to maintain the Ceramic sinks. Please give me your suggestions on whether i am idea is good. :slight_smile:


Undermount Kitchen Sinks

Hi Cathrine,

Stainless steel is a matter of preference more than anything. We custom built our home and also wanted to stay away from any ceramic sinks because of their lack of durability and cleaning issues. Neither my wife nor I liked stainless steel sinks because of their costs and cold look.

While looking for sinks we actually came across Corian sinks and after checking them out we immediately decided to use them. You can find info on Corian from Duponts WEB site at www.corian.com . Depending on the manufacturer you can obtain them in various colors, shapes, sizes, configurations, etc.

The two biggest things we liked about them was their durability and ability to clean. When we found one the salesman bragged about how they significantly resist scratching, scuffing and staining. He performed a weak demonstration and just about freaked when I did my own check of his claim. I pulled out a utility knife with an awl and repeated, heavily stabbed and gouged at it right in front of him without so much as a scratch. The point and other blades used just glided right off the surface. I then took a lighter out and tried to burn a stain in it and it did nothing.

Since installation, over seven years, we have beat on it, placed hot pots right off the oven in it, etc. and have had little problem with it. If a stain does appear we use a simple, and inexpensive, cleaning compound on it and stains dissapear. The only thing I have replaced so far are the cheap plastic strainers that get damaged.

They are well worth looking at and still provide the soft beauty of ceramic.

Good luck!

You need to post the counter top surface you plan on under mounting to.

Stone, Corian, or Silestone are fine if the hole has finished edges. The under mount will have to be sized for the current hole or recut larger. I doubt finishing was done unless the top mount was a retrofit. If not this will also have to be completed for the finished job to look right.

SS scratches horribly and in no time looks bad. IMHO

We have enameled at our rentals and faux stone at our home. Wife’s cooking my Daddy Day stuff right now so the kit. is off limits for me to get the name. I’ll post pix later if I’m able.
The home unit is 12 years old and shows no signs of wear or abrasion.

Stainless Steel scratches can often be removed by using a 3M ScotchBrite pad and going with the original “grain” of the sink.

Hi Cathy…Good idea as ceramic sinks last a long time but,when you go to sell your house people prefer a more modern look so it may very well be time to update the kitchen for a more modern look.Remodeling the kitchen is in many cases the best thing you can due to improve the look of a homes interior.
Best of luck with your decision.