Understanding Your Septic System

Still a good read on Septic Tanks and their Maintence .




Understanding Your Septic System

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Here is another from our own Ministry.

Here is the one I’ve been using.


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Here’s one someone posted a while back that chock full of info.


Not only a great site for septic, but viable information for most inspection related issues http://www.inspect-ny.com/septbook.htm

Sorry Chris A lot of what they say is wrong.
The first they show is a single tank system I do not think single tanks have been used for 30 years .
They talk a lot about adding various things to improve your septic system .
All independent laboratories and university labs all say the Bacteria additives are not needed and can also cause over stimulation of the system causing foaming.
I perused this site and see a lot of advertising on additives .
Yes they do have some great ideas ,but it is necessary to filter the good from the not so good.
Thanks for the post… Cookie