Unexplained substance in GFCI.

I found what appears to be a glue inside a GFCI breaker. Is this common? Please reply if any of you can help me with this mystery. Thanks for all your help. You guys have bailed me out of some good ones.



A couple of the manufacturers did that. I guess it’s some sort of epoxy. It seems they used the same mold for that upper section to house the GFCI electronics as they use for a regular breaker, and had to fill in where the screw and wire would otherwise go. I also highly doubt that this breaker’s terminal is rated for more than one conductor, but it looks like it has a pretty nice sticker on it that would have said what its rating is.

Might be phenolic?

Might be Ecto-Plazm too. Regardless of what it is, I think it’s safe to say that it poses no hazard.